Infertility is the failure to conceive after twelve months of trying with no positive results. After following all the standard advice to achieve conception, most parents become extremely stressed and frustrated. The part that they quickly forget is that the ability to become pregnant and to sustain a pregnancy is an extension of the health of the body as a whole. If the parents suffer from any sort of health issue, their ability to conceive is greatly affected.

There are (look super beta prostate) a variety of signs that alert us to the fact that the body is not ready to reproduce, read more Super Beta Prostate reviews. Their symptoms include infrequent menstruation, PMS/PMD or all together lack of menstruation. Some subtler yet important signs include fatigue, digestive problems, low weight, excess weight, emotional stress and poor immunity. These symptoms are alerts to parents and doctors that something is wrong. The symptoms reflect dysfunction in one or several body systems. The lifestyle and body systems are:

Unfortunately, most doctors don't address the larger problem, which is the health of the parents. Instead they throw expensive drugs into the mix like Clomid. New research now demonstrates that the environment during conception, both internally (diet, hormones, mental stress) and externally (situational stress) can directly affect the genetics and health of the child. Additional complications like thyroid and adrenal dysfunction along with its auto immunity and toxicity in our environment all make conception virtually impossible.

The goal at Omega Health is to address all of these developing illnesses prior to reaching infertility. In the ideal situation, the body does what it is suppose to do exactly when it is supposed to do it.

Many contemporary methods control the process of conception with drugs. This makes infertility sound like a recipe, in which the mother is just the incubator for the doctor or drugs. Often this is done without consideration for the health of the mother during pregnancy and after conception. If the monetary cost is not bad enough, the health costs for these approaches are also astronomical. We are now seeing alarming rates of problems like neurological disorders, stunted growth, congenital anomalies, and vascular dysfunction for children of IVF.

Mothers that use IVF are themselves susceptible to infections, multiple births, and immune reactivity to name but a few complications. It is understandable to say, "I would do anything to have a child." But what if you did not have to sacrifice both your health and the health of your child? What if you could not only get pregnant, but be healthier before, during and afterwards?" The good news is that you can.

The Omega Health approach is founded on the principal that if the parents are healthy then pregnancy happens just as nature intended it to be. We look closely at each body system, and the overall habits: physical, dietary and mental, of both the mother and father. Then we run diagnostic tests to determine what pieces of the puzzle are the largest contributors. Next we lay out a 6-12 month plan that is focused on health of the parents, and the ability to conceive. With this approach we have been able to help many women not only become healthier but also to conceive even after a failed IVF attempt or other assisted reproductive methods. Imagine being able to conceive naturally with minimal costs and none of the long-term risks. We here at Omega Health believe that we can help you to achieve a successful, healthy pregnancy.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.