Healthier and happier lifestyle for your children

Don't you just love Mothers day? It is a day for mothers to feel special and loved. A day to be pampered and showered with gifts and attention. As a mother, it is essential for you to take care of your own health as well as that of your family. Your role and responsibility as a mother is not restricted to Mothers day alone.

It lasts for a lifetime. As a mother you care for and provide for your children. You teach them the difference between right and wrong and the basics of good behavior. You also set the example for healthy habits. Do you know that your eating habits today will determine your child's eating habits in future? A study conducted by the Wellcome trust shows that the way you eat during pregnancy will influence your children's dietary patterns as they grow.

According to the Wellcome trust environmental factors affect the way in which DNA is expressed. So your eating habits during pregnancy can affect the expression of genes associated with metabolism in your children. Recent studies predict that by 2050, nine in ten children will suffer from obesity. No mother wants their child to suffer from obesity so now is the time to make a transition towards healthy eating and exercise. Don't worry if all you could stomach during your pregnancy were burgers and fries.

That is over and done with. It is not too late to start eating healthy and what better day to start than on Mothers day? This Mothers day plan a day out with your souse and children. Plan a menu rich in fruits, vegetables and foods less in oil and rich in nutrients. Pack the day with activities like games, biking and so on so that you and your children get lots of exercise. Rest assured, your children won't miss takeaway meals and junk food once they taste the food you have cooked so lovingly for them.

These eating habits and activities should last beyond Mothers day. Subtle changes in your style of cooking, combined with plenty of exercise will set a good example for your children. In due time, this will no longer be a novelty but a way of life for your children and these healthy habits will stay with them as they leave home and establish their own families. Make this Mothers day a memorable one by taking the decision to secure your children's heath and well being from today onwards.